7 fun facts about the Rottweilers you may not know


Rottweiler, along with the pit bull, is one of the most
misunderstood dog breeds in the world. In reality, they
are very smart, loyal, great guardians and attached to
the family they are growing in.
To help this breed get a better reputation, we have
written 7 fascinating facts about the Rotties.
Read on.
 Rottweilers are ranked as one of the top ten
smartest dog breeds in the world.
 Initially, these dogs have been bred as guard dogs,
so they are commonly known as very loyal and
form a strong bond with their families.
 Rottweilers hate staying alone for a long period of
time. They tend to become nervous and fussy.
 Have you ever heard how the Rotties are barking? I
guess no. The dogs of this breed do not bark a lot.
In fact, they are peaceful and quiet buddies who
respond quietly to their environment.

 Stubborn is a term often used. Rotties must have
the proper training and socialization while they are
still small.
They are commonly easy to train because they are
very smart, however, they can be quite obstinate.
Did you also know that…?
 The British-American horror movie „The Omen“
(1976) put the Rottweiler in a negative light and the
public has disgraced the breed ever since!
Fortunately, the breed currently has many popular
advocates, such as Will Smith (The Smiths have 7
Rottweilers), Bruno Mars, Hayden Panettiere and
many more.
 During the Middle Ages, some merchants would
walk with a Rottweiler (or two) who carried their
money in a pouch fastened to its neck. Good luck
trying to steal them!

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