90+ Pitbull names you will love


Contrary to the common understanding, the pit bull is an
amazing family dog that can be an excellent home protector
and a loving buddy.
Moreover, the pit bull is profoundly smart, healthy, and very
loyal when grown in a warm and kind environment.
It is just the media as well as pit bull’s tough outward
appearance that can fool you.
But let’s face the truth – any breed of dog can actually attack a
person at any time if the animal feels insecure and afraid.
When choosing a name for your furry friend, the key factor is
to know your pit bull’s personality to bits.
We have prepared a categorized list of 90 + of the coolest
names for a pit bull, in case you need help in the naming
process. Read on.

30 Names for Male Pit bulls

Zack Butch Dasher Maddox Jet
Kane Bruno Kilo Onyx Comet
Nero Cole King Viper Ash
Jax Chip Dionysus Juno Argus
Thurman Tanner Hades Cupid Ares
Thatcher Spark Choco Beaver Tar

30 Names for Female Pit bulls

Every female pit bulls deserve a cute and soft name as much as any other dog breed. Here are some suggestions:

Coco Vega Baby Chandra Helena
Diva Sugar Fiona Freya Hera
Kali Willow Shiva Electra Cybele
Lily Dixie Nala Rhea Athena
Roxy Pixie Fiona Lola Krishna
Peach Marigold Misty Dotty Sabre

30 Funny names for Pit bulls

If your pit bull has a playful, lively nature, why don’t you give it a name that’s funny without making your doggy looks stupid. Here is what we mean:

Einstein Taco Muffin Obama Grizzle
Jedi Potato Tater Homie Apricot
Nacho Astro Sergio Cupcake Autumn
Fries Scorpio Bimbo Fog Pumpkin
Wiz Bacon Cheeto Bear Igloo
Gadget Jazz Dragon Dollar Puzzles

BONUS IDEA: If you struggle to find the name that fits best your new furry friend, think of something that relates to its color.

For instance, if the pit bull is all white, it could be named Snow, Casper, Cotton, Crystal etc. If it’s brown, it could be called Amber, Copper, Honey and many more.

For black-colored pit bulls, we would suggest to name them Ash, Oreo, Panther, Guinness etc.

So did you find the perfect name for your pit bull? The name that makes you proud to call in the dog park, and glad to say it when you are snuggling on the sofa at home?

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