3 of the most insane facts about the pit bulls


Unfortunately,  pit bulls are one of the most misrepresented and misjudged dog breeds in the entire world.

In reality, they are fun, loving and very loyal family dogs. Moreover, they are very healthy compared to other popular dog breeds.

In the following article, we talk about 3 of the craziest myths about the pit bulls. We’d suggest to read them even if you are not a pit bull owner as people are generally scared of this dog breed without clearly understand it.

MYTH 1: If a pit bull shows dog-aggression, it will also be threatening to humans.

To start, there is a massive difference between these two features and they shouldn’t be confused.

In general, the pit bulls love people unconditionally unless they have been poorly bred or trained to attack humans on purpose. It is actually proven that they are one of the most loyal and friendly dog breeds.

MYTH 2: Pit bulls can’t be trusted with other animals.

The truth is that each pit bull should be evaluated by his own characteristics and not by his breed. Generalizing is totally wrong.

Some pit bulls are great with other pets, some are not. It depends on the individual doggy, not on the shape of the dog’s head (browse on the Internet and you’ll see a bunch of photos of a pit bull sleeping with a bunny or another dog).

MYTH 3: It is risky to adopt a pit bull from a shelter or rescue that has an unknown history, rather than buying a pit bull from a breeder.

Perhaps, that is the most insane of all these 3 myths.  Remember, each animal is individual and should not be judged by the breed. Surely they may be affected by their genetics and history, however, most of the pit bulls with unknown parentage are neglected, systematically abused and forced to fight. Nevertheless, they can still be a loving and very grateful pet.

Adopt, don’t buy!

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