8 reasons why the Rottweiler is the ideal family dog


Whether you are looking for a guardian, loyal, kid-friendly, playful, smart dog that would be the best friend of the whole family, Rottweiler might be the right answer for you (many readers won’t believe it, I guess).

Regardless of the common understanding, here are 8 solid reasons why the Rottweiler is the ideal family dog.

1.Perfect mates for outdoor games

There is nothing this dog breed enjoys more than spending quality time playing in the park with its favourite people!

2.Great guardians

Having a Rottweiler at home means your family and your home is well protected! When raised with love and taught to be kind, the representatives of this dog breed will do anything to keep their beloved ones safe.


Another typical feature that makes the Rotties great addition to every family is the fact this dog breed is free from allergies that spread from animals to humans.

Moreover, it’s a good choice if you or another member of the family have pre-existing allergies.

4.Easily trainable

As the Rottweiler is an extremely intelligent breed with highly respected work ethics, it is easily trainable compared to many other popular dog breeds.

As a result, Rottweilers often take part in military, medical, police and mountain rescue missions.

5.Require low maintenance

Their short hair does not require much grooming. In fact, brushing once a week is absolutely enough for your pup.

Besides, the Rottweiler does not come with any inherited health issues so you won’t spend a fortune to the vet every month.

6.Great with kids

One thing is sure – Rottweilers are remarkably friendly, gentle, mild-mannered, and connected to their family. They are also gentle with the little kids and other pets.


Usually, the Rottweiler’s initial reaction is to step back and evaluate the situation before acting. And that’s great as it won’t put you in a dangerous situation with other dogs and owners in the park!

8.Adore hugging and snuggling

There is nothing better for a Rottweiler, after a long day of playing in the park, to snuggle with its favourite humans.

It is another one of their countless signs of affection.

If you have a Rottie, you have a true gemstone. They really are one of the greatest family dogs!

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