3 Common health problems in Pit Bulls


Similar to any other dog breed, the Pit Bulls come with some inherited health issues that would not surely appear in your pup, however, you should be aware of the fact they might.

Even though the pit bulls are sturdy and healthy dogs, they might suffer from hip dysplasia, heart disease, and food allergies.

In the following article, we’ve included everything you should know in case your pup is unlucky to suffer from one of those health problems.


The hip dysplasia is a health condition in which the hip joint of the dog does not develop rightly or starts to lose proper function after a bad injury.

This health problem can also occur if the pup’s body is growing too fast for their joints.

There are several high-quality joint-supporting nutrients that can help you avoid this health problem that could be actually extremely painful for the Pitbull. Moreover, in the worst case scenario, it can lead to total loss of mobility. In this situation, an operation might be needed.


Heart disease is another inborn health issue that Pit bulls may suffer from. So we’d suggest asking the breeder if the puppy’s parents have been tested for any kind of heart diseases.

You will be surprised how weirdly their symptoms are showing up.

For instance, the most common symptom of heart disease is coughing which most dog owners would define as a health issue related to their dog’s respiratory system.


The most popular components that Pit bulls can be allergic to are gluten (wheat), soy, beef, chicken, eggs, and dairy products.

In case your pup unlocks an allergy to some of those ingredients, you should start feeding it with a particular food that removes them in order to not irritate its stomach.

The ideal food for each Pitbull is high in nutrients. We suggest to pay extra attention to the food ingredients and communicate with other Pit bulls owners.


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